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The Jessamine County Public Library wants you in our new online teen book club! We now offer individualized book clubs for middle and high school aged teens, in cooperation with your teachers and/or school librarians. Teens read assigned portions of a common title each week, and then blog your answers to our posted questions.

How to participate:
Get a copy of the featured book (your school librarian and the Jessamine County Public Library have multiple copies).  To see the questions that have been posted and to give your comments about the book, select the tab on the far right of this page.
You will be asked to give your name and e-mail address every time you comment.  For safety reasons, only give the first initial of your last name (i.e. Sam Davis would be Sam D. ).  Try to participate once a week by answering discussion questions and adding any relevant comments.

 Your comments will be approved by the blog administrator before they are posted.  This may take 1-3 days.

Have fun sharing your thoughts and opinions with your fellow readers!