Online Book Clubs for Jessamine County Teens

Among_the_HiddenWelcome to Week 5 of the Online Teen Book Club for Among the Hidden by author Margaret Peterson Haddix. This is the first book in the Shadow Children series, which is made up of seven books. Check in each week and answer the questions listed under that week.  When you answer a question, put the number of the question you are answering in your post. Don’t forget to respond to someone else’s post, so you can have fun talking about the book!

Week 5: Chapters 25-30

1. Why is Jen’s father so willing to help Luke escape?

2. The last time Luke saw Jen, he told her, “It’s people like you who change history. People like me – we just let things happen to us.” What does this mean? Are you a person who makes things happen or are you a person who watches things happen?

3. If you were Luke, would you take the fake ID? Explain.

4. Among the Hidden is fiction, but in China, there is a law that strictly limits family size. Why might a country do this? Do you agree or disagree with the policy?

5. What do you think will happen to Luke after the novel ends?

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